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Welcome to Presidents, A top adult sites directory.

= Lastly modified on March 22th, 2017 =

On this page you will find a list of the most amazing, up-to-date and educational adult websites and guides across the globe.

We collect only the top adult 18+ sites, guides and directories.

Those sites and blogs contain information, guides, tips and posts about sexuality, erotica and sex-ed.

Presidents of the Top Adult Sites List:

  1. - The Ultimate Directory
  2. - SR22 Directory
  3. - Guide Now
  4. - Yubi Koka
  5. - Bro Tine Sex Index

Note: there is no difference in order, the first site that was added is first on the list, second is second and etc.

Presidents of the world, united!

= Lastly modified on March 22th, 2017 =